Adrenaline Park in Sarajevo Zoo to be opened on Thursday

There are only a few days left that the real adrenaline fun in the Pioneer Valley can begin, because the construction of the adrenaline park is completely finished. All that remains is to edit a few small details. The official opening will be next Thursday.

It will cover an area of about 2,500 square meters, and the plan is to provide the space with facilities that will be available to children during the winter months.

The first parts of the adrenaline park in the Pioneer Valley, the construction of which began a little over two weeks ago, have already been installed.

A load-bearing structure has been installed and the last parts of the artificial rock for climbing are being installed as well. The artificial rock is more than six meters high, and its area is more than 50 square meters.

The first zip line cables have also been installed, and a starting and stopping platform are under construction.

Preparations for the construction of adrenaline trails with obstacles are also underway. The adrenaline park in Pioneer Valley, as it is pointed out, should be completed at the end of the month and will consist of three interesting parts for complete adrenaline fun.

The park is a completely new content and offer for all visitors to the Pioneer Valley and the first of its kind in the center of Sarajevo. After the construction of the adrenaline park, which will stretch on the left side of the Pioneer Valley, from the entrance gate, in the shade of tall trees, training of the workforce will be carried out to work and take care of the safety of children and youth.

The construction of the adrenaline park is a project that the company Park and Pioneer Valley are implementing with the support of the Municipality of Centar, which has provided financial resources for its construction and training of workers.


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