Agency for Statistics: There are Enough Questionnaires and Enumerators are Using the Same Methodology

popis-stanovnistvaB&H Agency for Statistics denies the information that enumerators in the field do not respect the methodology or that they apply it in different ways.  The Agency emphasizes that the methodology for the preparation, organization and implementation of the census is the same for the entire territory of B&H and all participants of the census are required to adhere to the law on the census, methodologies and guidelines.

The Advisor for Public Relations Mirsada Adembegović at today’s press conference of B&H Statistics Agency stated that there are enough census questionnaire forms. She explained that 4.6 million forms (P1) are printed, and the estimation is that around 3.5-3.8 million people live in B&H.

All the Questionnaires were distributed to the municipal / city Census Commission and at the Entity Departments before the census started – said Ademović, adding that the Agency for Statistics did the printing and distribution of census forms based on the distributed list submitted by the Entity Departments for statistics.

(Source: Fena)


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