Alarming: more than 173,011 People left Bosnia and Herzegovina!

For five years, more than 173,011 people or 48,932 families have left Bosnia and Herzegovina, and during the last 23 years, 73,478 citizens canceled their BiH citizenship, said the President of the Union for Sustainable Return and Integration in BiH Mirhunisa Zukic.

At the regular annual session of the assembly of this organization, it was stated that a total of 20,943 persons left BiH last year, and in 2017 35,634, and in 2016 34,544.

In 2015, 29,805 people left BiH, 28,042 in 2014 and 24,043 in 2013.

Zukic explains that 73,478 persons were deleted from BiH citizenship and that 40,000,000 BAM was charged for this purpose.

Since the signing of the Dayton Peace Accords, 1,061,000 returnees were registered in BiH and that only one percent of them were employed, as well as that 327,000 homes were built and upgraded.

She points out that in Bosnia and Herzegovina 32,135 families or 96,830 people have the status of displaced persons, 10,675 persons have no health insurance, and 8,994 families are in a state of social need and without income.


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