Rise in Temperatures expected in BiH, up to Fourteen Degrees Celsius!

According to meteorologist announcements, most of BiH in the coming days is expecting a mild rise in temperatures and more sunny intervals.

In most part of BiH, sunny weather prevails, and temperatures range from 12 to 14 degrees Celsius. According to meteorologist announcements, similar weather is expected in the coming days. In central and eastern Bosnia, there may be little snow in the mountains, and more sunny intervals are expected in Herzegovina.

Weather in BiH on Thursday will be predominantly sunny with morning temperatures from minus 3 to 3, south from 2 to 8, and daily from 12 to 18, somewhere in the north and northwest of Bosnia to 20 degrees Celsius.

On Friday, moderately to mostly cloudy weather. At the end of the day, rain is expected in Krajina, and during the night in most parts of Bosnia. Morning temperatures will range from 1 to 7, in the south from 4 to 8, and daily from 11 to 18 degrees.

Morning air temperatures during the first part of the week in Bosnia will be between minus 4 and 1-degree Celsius, and in Herzegovina mostly from 0 to 5 degrees.

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