Almost 1000 B&H Caregivers employed in Germany

caregiversSince the Agreement on employment of medical workers from B&H in caregiver jobs in Germany came into effect in May 2013, about a 1000 young nurses and caregivers from B&H found their jobs in that country.

The agreement is conducted by the Labour and Employment Agency B&H with the Federal Employment Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany, and through this agreement health care workers in the country who completed nursing school, whether general or pediatric course, can be employed as caregivers in Germany, if they meet the already known conditions.

Head of Department for local labor market in the Labour and Employment Agency B&H, Siniša Veselinović, said that both employers and employees are very satisfied with this arrangement, and that for people who choose this way of finding a job abroad it is very important that the entire process takes place through the state institutions and inter-state agreement, without the possibility of abuse or fraud.

“This is very good agreement between Germany and B&H because it provides guarantee that workers who leave B&H in the first year will have a gross salary of minimum 1,900 EUR, and later, when they pass the exam and gain the title of caregivers, their salaries will rise to more than 2000 EUR,” added Veselinović.


(Source: klix.ba)

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