Solar Power Plant in Gorazde put into Operation

SPP Gorazde elektro-test.baAlong with the megawatts from BH hydro and thermal power plants, the electricity from the first solar power plant in the Bosna-Podrinje Canton Gorazde is being exported as of recently. Namely, the solar power plant with 150kW of power was put into operation in Gorazde recently.

The construction of the power plant began in 2013, and the investor is Azem Bujak who invested more than 560.000 BAM in its construction, in his native village of Bujaci, and he said its capacity is sufficient for supplying around 80 households with electricity.

The electrical energy that is being produced by this solar power plant is sold to “Elektroprivreda B&H“, and the return of investment is expected in seven years.

Bujak pointed out that he intends on constructing another solar power plant with 800kW of power, that will be five times bigger than the existing one and in which nearly three million BAM will be invested.

The works on the solar power plant have been conducted by the Sarajevo company Elektro test.


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