Amazing Photos of Maglic Mountain without Fog (Gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] Group of Sarajevo mountaineers from the Association Avantur and their friends have visited mountain Maglic over the weekend, which is among the most beautiful ones in the region.

Maglic is a mountain in BiH, at the state border with Montenegro, with the highest peak (2,386 meters). The mountain is located about 20 km southwest of Foca. It is bordered by the River Sutjeska in the west, mountain Volujak on the southwest, rivers Drina and Piva in the northeast and mountain Bioc in the southeast.

The mountain is covered with beech and coniferous forests. The upper forest border is at about 1,600 meters, and above that height are plateaus with pastures and numerous ridges and peaks. The most famous plateau is Vucevo (with the peak Crni Vrh), Rujevac, Snijeznica, Prijevor and Mratinjska Gora. Perucica, the largest rainforest in Europe, is also on Maglic as well as Trnovacko Lake at 1,517 meters above the sea level. The foothills and all slopes are rich in water, with a number of springs from which the most abundant is Carev Do that never dries up.

Take a look at the gallery.


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