Amazing Photos of Yugoslavia made in 1920 by Kurt Hielscher (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Kurt Hielscher was a German photographer who traveled around the Europe in the early 1900’s. During his travels, he recorded amazing photographs. He is the author of several successful books containing photographs of Italy, Spain, Germany and Yugoslavia.

During 1920s, Hielscher traveled all over Yugoslavia, making a book with amazing photographs of landscapes, country and nation. In Belgrade, he was assigned an interpreter, he was allowed to enter the properties of all local authorities, and he got a car to use. Zeiss-Ikon and Agfa factory gave him cameras and lenses.

On his way from the Slovenian Alps to the border with Bulgaria, Hielscher made a total of 1,200 images. From all photographs recorded he chose 191 photos and explained that he tried to show diverse landscapes, architecture and way of life of the population of Yugoslavia. He stated that his intention was not to make postcards, but photographs.

His collection was published in 1926 in Berlin. This valuable book has not been printed for a long time, and all photos are saved on Agfa Chromo Isorapid board.

(Source: klix)


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