Amel Tuka is the Ambassador of “Sports Games Oasis”

tukaAssociation for support of people with intellectual disabilities in Canton Sarajevo ”Oasis” will organize “Sports Games Oasis 2016” again this year. This year’s ambassador for “Sports Games Oasis” is a famous Bosnian athlete Amel Tuka.

Competitions will be held from the 6th to 9th of October in Sarajevo, on the Olympic pool Otoka Sarajevo, in the hall “Ramiz Salcin” – Mojmilo, in the center for education, sports and recreation, “Safet Zajko”, then in the sports hall – Dobrinja, in the hall Vistafona sports club – Otoka, and a bowling alley of hotel Radon Plaza.

“Competitors will compete for medals in eight sports disciplines: football, basketball, swimming, athletics, table tennis, bowling and MATP – program for people with multiple disabilities. We expect about 500 participants from BiH and abroad at this year’s “Sports Games Oasis”. Participating countries are: Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Sweden, Slovenia and Saudi Arabia. The aim of this competition is to promote capabilities of people with intellectual disabilities through sport,” said Armin Smajlovic, director of the “Oasis”.

Association “Oasis” is primarily aimed to change the minds of people, in order to create equal status of persons with disabilities in society, and meet the rights that are set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which BiH signed and ratified in 2009, and according to which persons with disabilities have the right on sport and recreation.

The main sponsors of sport games Oasis are non-governmental organization MyRight Sweden, Sida – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and FIFH Malmo which is a longtime partner of SIO from Sweden. Sponsors of this year’s sports games are also the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Displaced Persons and Refugees of Canton Sarajevo, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo, BH Lottery, Lokom, BH Telecom, Olympic pool, MIA CS, AS GROUP, water Oaza, and the agency Media Content Management (MCM).


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