Amel Tuka welcomed at the Airport Sarajevo: Welcome, Champion!

Navijači dočekali Tuku na aerodromu u Sarajevu: "Sigurno osvajA great number of citizens welcomed at the Sarajevo International Airport our best athlete Amel Tuka who returned from the competitions in Europe, where he achieved superb results.

With the banners, applause and shouts, Tuka was welcomed by the family members, friends, and many citizens of Sarajevo and Kakanj who came by two buses to greet the best BH athlete. The flags of B&H were fluttering at the airport, as well as the banner on which it was written: „Welcome, champion, thank you!“.

After remarkable meetings in Velenje and Madrid, Amel excelled at the Diamond League meeting in Monte Carlo, where he set the best result of the season in the world with 1:42:51, followed by a brilliant performance at the athletic meeting in Switzerland where he won first place in the 800 m race.

As Tuka said, he is touched with the welcome at the Sarajevo Airport, and he thanked everyone. Tuka pointed out that the support means a lot to him, and that he hopes he will get it even when he does not achieve great results.

Tuka said he is in good shape and of good health, and that he has been preparing hard on the mountain.

“I am ready for new challenges, and the next goal is the finals of the World Championship in Beijing. I expected to meet the norm for the World Championship and the Olympics, but the record-breaking result I achieved in Monaco surprised me as well. The feeling is difficult to describe“, said Tuka.

Tuka has been doing athletics for six years, and since the day one he knew what he wants and strived for it. His greatest support were his parrents, to whom he is specially attached, and the coach who is preparing him.

“I know that after each success a period of stagnation and a small fall comes, followed by a rise. It is normal in sports, and it can happen to me as well. The most important thing for me is to have the support  of my fellow citizens, and that they are with me and be my motive to be even better when that happens“, Tuka said.

(Source: klix.ba)

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