Amil Hota from Sarajevo led the Campaign of Angela Merkel

amil hotaThe results of the recent parliamentary elections in Germany are already summarized – the Chancellor Angela Merkel has already signed for another mandate and the Chancellor’s Union – Christian Democratic Union CDU and her Bavarian sister Party CSU achieved the best result of the elections since 1990.

The Angela Merkel’s campaign was led by the company” Blumberry “and the leader of the company is Amil Hota from Sarajevo.

After living five years in Austria, Hota returned to Sarajevo in 1997 and graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Sarajevo. He completed his studies in 2008 and graduated as a consultant for public relations at the German Press Academy in Berlin. He began working at the Volkswagen Sarajevo in 1999 and in 2002 he became head of public relations in this branch of Volkswagen AG. At the same year he also became an adviser of Volkswagen in the department of public relations in Southeast Europe.

Also, he has worked as a consultant at companies such as, E WIE EINFACH, Honda, Vodafone, Deutsche Bank, Loewe, WILO and others. Since 2011 he is leader of the department for consulting in Blumberry and advises clients on many issues, like the economy and social issues. Hota became the General Director of Blumberry in 2012.

The company now has 62 employees and offers all kinds of services in the domain of marketing communications, especially political and social consulting. The company became engaged with the campaign of Angela Merkel by winning the bid competition among four companies, including the company that ran the previous campaign in 2009.

(Source: Depo.ba)

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