What is the Amount of World Capital in 2015?

dolar233-696x456The world capital amounted to 510.000 billion USD in 2015. More than a third of the amount are debts.

Value of the world capital is almost seven times higher than gross domestic product of the planet, estimated to 74.000 USD, it was stated in a study by the economic expert Markus Schuller who took into consideration all classic forms of capital โ€“ debts, property, savings, cash, companies and real estate.

After the reduction of world wealth by 10 percent during the crisis of adjustable mortgage loans in 2008, from 411.000 to 369.000 billion USD, now the world wealth exceeds its value from 2007 by one quarter.

The share of property decreased to 20 percent of the total capital โ€“ 100.000 USD, while before the crisis it amounted to 28 percent of the total world capital. On the opposite, debts of countries increased by 45 percent, to 95.000 billion USD. Private loans have increased and reached 99.000 billion USD and total world debts amount to 194.000 USD.

Although stable in value, the percentage of shares dropped to 13 percent of world capital, to 67.000 USD.

Cash and savings represent only eight percent of total world capital.


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