Around 20,000 Children kept in Detention Camps in B&H during the Aggression

bhrtPresident of the Association of Camp Inmates of B&H Jasmin Mešković stated yesterday in Sarajevo that, according to the records of the Association, around 20,000 minor children stayed in detention camps during the aggression on B&H, and more than 1,000 of them were killed.

Mešković stated this on the occasion of the marking of the International Human Rights Day under the motto “Silenced voices. Children teach us human rights”, organized by the Association of Camp Inmates of B&H and held yesterday in Sarajevo.

Mešković highlighted that children-inmates, luckily, did not remember the atrocities that occurred in camps. Furthermore, he pointed out that they primarily want to convey the message to the children that they have to respect and love others, and that all their knowledge must be in service of co-existence, tolerance and reconciliation.

Due to this, Mešković invited the authorities to pass the law on victims of torture in B&H which would protect these already grown up people.

The latest research in the USA clearly proved that trauma is genetically transmitted even to the third generation, said the neuropsychiatrist Fehma Kovač.

According to Kovač, the resolution of this problem requires a humane society which will not further traumatize any member.

“Everyone talks about violent behavior, gambling or some other forms of behavior, and all of that can be a consequence of trauma, since I do not know how much time we had to focus on this problem,” Kovač concluded.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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