AS Group took over another BH Company

AS Group took over another company and thus increased the number of companies that are operating within this Group from Tesanj.

About 40 % of shares of the Zenica Industry of Milk (ZIM) were sold on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange a few months ago, but the owner (or owners) operated through accounts in Raiffeisen and UniCredit Bank, so it was unknown who was the buyer.

However, a notice to shareholders came a few days ago regarding the agenda of the 21st regular Assembly of ZIM, which will take place on May 14. In the notice was stated that AS Holding Tesanj sent a request for the change of members of the Supervisory Board of ZIM.

As stated in the notice, AS Holding requested the appointment of three new members and dismissal of three current members of the Supervisory Board of ZIM. Since the Supervisory Board of ZIM has a total of three members, this means that AS Holding would have a ful control over the Supervisory Board in case that the request is accepted.

Therefore, it became clear that AS Holding is the investor who purchased shares in ZIM.


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