Assistance for Veteran Categories: Employment Contracts signed

1000_1475058545bukvarevic-borci-ugovori-ks-289216_5Second stage of the Transfer for help with employment of veteran categories through veteran cooperatives was implemented yesterday.

Project financier is the Ministry of Veterans’ Issues of FBiH. Contracts were signed by 21 applicants and total value of the project is 220.000 BAM.

Nezira Topalović, wife of a killed fighter and a mother of three, applied for cultivation of hazelnuts and she received 14.000 BAM for her business.

Contract was also signed by the demobilized fighter Zijad Čamdžić from Zenica, who is a blacksmith. He received 15.000 BAM for procurement of an adequate machine.

“Implementation of this project is very important for my existence, for the future of my children. I would like to thank the Ministry for implementing one such project and I invite other veterans to apply, to ask for this kind of assistance in their business or when they want to launch a business,” Čamdžić said.

Minister of Issues of Veterans and Invalids of the Defense-Liberation War Salko Bukvarević is satisfied with the fact that the unemployment issue is being solved.

“Unemployment of veterans is a burning issue. This is the second stage of the implementation of this employment and self-employment project for veterans through veteran cooperatives. The project has proven to be very successful so far, and we modeled it after a similar program in the European Union. This second stage included veterans from all parts of BiH,” Bukvarević said.


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