Automotive Madness at the Mostar Runway

“Old school Street race Mostar” is the name of traditional 402 meters drag race that is being held this weekend at the auxiliary runway of Mostar Airport in the organization of Automotive Club Extreme. More than 140 cars were expected, and some owners invested several dozens of thousands of EUR in them.

Josko Ambruz, the main organizer of the race, said that this year’s novelty is that they separated regional championship from national ones, which are on program on the first day.

“The championship of BiH, Serbia and Croatia was held yesterday, while the regional competition will be on the schedule today. We broke the record of number of applications for this runway, and we had 119 car yesterdays, and today we expect more than 140 cars,” said Ambruz.

Organizer noted that his main goal is that everyone has same treatment, that the fastest one that drives 300 km/h receives the same treatment as the one in category “17”, which they called tourist category for fun.

Once again, one of the biggest starts was Damir Ozegovic with his Fiat with two engines, which simply explodes at the start.

Amel Selimovic from AK “NoLimit” from Tuzla brought WV Lupo with three-litre engine to the Mostar runway, and he said that he invested at least 20, 000 EUR in it.

“We want to develop it to have more than 1500 HP. In ideal variant, he would need three seconds to reach 100 km/h. We are still in the testing phase, and this is our first competition with this car. Our ambitions are big, we want to be presented at the European runways as well,” said Selimovic.

If you love cars, smell of burnt tires and everything that goes with it, Mostar runway is ideal address for you this weekend.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)

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