Banja Luka: Projection of the Film “Dangerous Acts” and Lecture by Anne Barliant

anneThe projection of the documentary film “Dangerous acts” by Madeleine Sackler as director and the lecture by the film editor Anne Barliant were held last night in the Youth House of Banja Luka. The event was organized by the American Embassy in B&H and Kratkofil Plus.

The organizers stated that it is a great documentary achievement with a strong message about the cruelty of life under the rule of the “last European dictator”, Belarus president Aleksandar Lukašenko.

During the lecture held after the projection the film editor Anne Barliant spoke about film editing and what it means to check thousands of hours of work material and then make a good something out of it.

Anne Barliant also shared her work experience from New Yorkwith some film authors and other visitors and said that censure and interdictions exist there as well and that sometimes you even shoot weddings just to make money. – was announced from the Kratkofil Plus.

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