Azra and Maid are Two Successful Students of BH Futures Foundation Mentorship Program


“We are proud to continue spreading our positive stories and successes from our Mentorship Program we started with MarketMakers in January this year. It is a big responsibility and opportunity to be a mentor to students who are just about to finish high school and start a new chapter in their life. It is not always easy to give them a suitable advice regarding the faculty choice as it requires a lot of preparation and even experience. However, some of our scholars handle it perfectly,” is stated by Bosnian Future Foundation.

There is a beautiful story, coming from Azra Šišić and Maid Muhić, and their mentor Nihad Ferhatović, who shared their experience:

„We are Azra and Maid, two high school students who, at first glance, do not have much in common. However, we are both finishing our schools this year, and we are both interested in IT. We are both creative and musical and finally, what brought us together is the BH Futures Foundation Mentorship Program. Namely, due to similar characteristics and similar desires for the further course of our lives, we were matched with the same mentor – Nihad Ferhatović.

Our work with a mentor is mainly characterized by learning about formal communication when it comes to different hierarchical levels and the exchange of organizational plans. Besides, we completed a brief workshop organized and led by our mentor. The workshop was on the topic of writing a CV and its implementation within the LinkedIn profile, which we found very useful because we received instructions from experience. Of course, there are also some individual goals and plans that we are working on separately with our mentor:

  • Azra works mostly on her decision regarding the next phase of her life – faculty, and with her mentor, who helps her with his network and contact, she gathers the information she needs for such a big decision.
  • On the other hand, Maid is involved in the project of building the Makerspace in his hometown, since the contribution to the community is one of his greatest desires and goals.

This moment where we are now and the moment where we will be in future both return to the common starting point – BH Futures Foundation that initiated all this. We would like to thank the BH Futures Foundation for the opportunity to learn and work on ourselves, but also for something even bigger – a new friendship between us and friendship with our mentor to whom we are especially grateful.“

Nihad, who is our scholar since 2017 and a Coordinator for our Futures Academies said:

Firstly, Azra and Maid are two great young students and it is a great honor and pleasure to have them as mentees and work with them within this mentoring program. Through their engagement, they are already making changes in their environment and community. They want to learn and improve their skills which is certainly the most important thing in the whole mentoring process. Of course, the process in which I also learn from them deserves to be mentioned, and I am grateful to them for that. And finally, gratitude goes to BH Futures Foundation for the opportunity and for creating a platform for socializing, learning, advancing, and improving along with other great young people.“

We wish Azra and Maida a lot of success in starting their students’ lives soon and building their careers. Also, we are grateful and proud of Nihad for being their support and mentor during this important period.


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