Ballet play ‘The Lady of the Camellias’ in Sarajevo National Theatre

damaOn 24 May, Friday, citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to see once again a ballet play ‘The Lady of The Camellias’, which will be shown in Sarajevo National Theatre at 7.30 p.m.

This two-act ballet play is an adaptation of a novel by Alexandre Dumas. The choreographer of the ballet play is  Vasiliy Medvedev. The music will be played by Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra and the conductor is Samra Gulamović.

The theme of the Lady of the Camellias is a love story between Marguerite Gautier, a “demi-mondaine i.e., a woman “kept” by various lovers, frequently more than one at a time suffering from tuberculosis and a young provincial bourgeois, Armand Duval.

Cast: Tamar Ljubičić, Mihail Matescu, Adnan Đindo, Daniela Knežević and others.


(photo: nps)

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