Banja Luka Hospital almost filled, many young People on Respirators

The General Director of the University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska Vlado Dajic, stated today that there are currently 18 patients with Covid-19 in this institution who are on a respirator and 60 patients in the COVID Hospital.

“We have many younger patients on a respirator, as well as at the Infectious Diseases Clinic with serious clinical pictures, with serious pneumonia. We examine about 100 patients a day,” Dajic told reporters in Banja Luka.

Dajic emphasized that in the UCC, as in other hospitals in the RS, almost all capacities planned for COVID patients were filled, emphasizing that this was, unfortunately, a consequence of irresponsible behavior of individuals despite numerous appeals to the population to adhere to the measures.

He once again called for responsible behavior and pointed out that health workers are running out of energy and that huge money is being spent on treating people with COVID-19.

(Source: Vijesti.ba, SRNA)

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