Barrel stable: Fuel Prices in the FB&H continued slow Decline

fuelIn late August, a sudden increase in the prices of crude oil frightened the end users of oil products.

However, just as it was predicted, the growth is stopped, and in the past seven days the prices of European crude oil oscillate between $48 and $53 per barrel.  The American WTI oscillates in the same way between $44 and $48 per barrel.

As a reminder, in late August the world experts voiced themselves considering that the dramatic growth of the oil prices is just temporary. Experts such as Tobias Read from SWR claim that there was no significant change in supply and demand which would justify the continuation of growth in oil prices.

This morning, the price of one barrel of oil at the American market amounted to $45, while the European barrel cost $49. Only seven days ago, the European Brent cost nearly $53, while the American WTI reached the price of $48 per barrel.

The effect on the prices of oil products in B&H is reflected in continued, but slow decline in prices at the gas stations.

When it comes to the FB&H, it was confirmed from the Sector for prices, analysis and market development within the Ministry of Trade that the notifications on the fall in prices during the past month arrived on a weekly basis.

“This is fourth or fifth consecutive time we are receiving notifications on the fall in prices of diesel and petrol. Their prices today range around an average of 1.8 BAM and 1.95 BAM, respectively. The prices are falling by five pfennings per week, and almost all gas stations in the FB&H follow the trend”, the Ministry stated.


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