Baščaršija got wireless internet

baščaršijaSolemn promotion of the project of implementing the wireless internet in Baščaršija was held today in Tourist-Information stand in Sarači, reports klix.ba

Head of Stari Grad Municipality Ibrahim Hadžibajrić said that the area of Baščaršija is covered with wireless internet, and added that this is just a beginning of a project, and in late April Square around Cathedral and At Mejdan will also get wireless internet.

He noted that other municipalities of Sarajevo have expressed the interest for this activity and added that the number of connections is unlimited, and that each connection last one hour, after which one minute break must be made, and then it can be reconnected.

The project was implemented in Baščaršija because it is the most visited part of Sarajevo during tourist season, and in March this year, around 20 000 tourists visited Baščaršija.

The municipality has decided to offer the front page with basic info and welcoming message to Stari Grad Municipality.  The front page will be opened each time when a person picks the network ‘starigrad1’ or ‘starigrad2’ and will offer historical and basic date about the municipality, together with cultural and historical sites.

The page will also offer the most important telephone numbers and it was created in three languages: English, BCS, and German.

Apart from the head of municipality, chairman of Municipal Council Vedran Dodik, his deputy Nermin Bjelak, assistant head of municipality Azra Torlak, manager of B Online agency Kenan Torlak and spokesperson of Tourist Community of Sarajevo Canton Asja Hadžiefendić Mešić

Conceptual design of the front page was done by B Online Agency, and the entire project cost 6 000 BAM. The wireless internet is functioning for two week already.

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