Basketball Players of Club Bosna Will Host ‘Mjedenica’ Institute As Part of ‘European Basketball Week’

mjedenicaThe senior basketball club Bosna will participate in the promotion of ‘European Basketball Week’ that will take place today in the institute ‘Mjedenica’ in Sarajevo.

As part of this event, it is expected that a friendly game would be played between the team of the Institute ‘Mjedenica’ and the pioneer team KK Bosna, announced the B&H Special Olympics.

Representatives of USAID and UNICEF, which in cooperation with the European Basketball Federation (FIBA Europe) and elite European basketball competition (Euroliga) support the inclusion of people with special needs in the social community and sports activities.

After the match, the best basketball players of B&H in the senior and pioneering competition will mingle with members of the Institute, who will prepare for them a cultural and entertainment program.

The promotion of the ‘European Week of Basketball’ begins at 12:00.

(Source: Fena)

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