Baždarević: We are going to Greece for Victory

mehmed-bCoach of the national team of BiH Mehmed Baždarević spoke about the upcoming match with Greece.

When asked whether there is anxiety in the BiH camp, Baždarević said:

“To be honest, there is both anxiety and relaxation. I am doing everything I can to ensure that we work well and be peaceful because I know that we will need both peace and anxiety on Sunday night in Greece.”

Baždarević said that he watched the preparatory match of Greece last night.

“Last night’s match of Greece cannot give us much information because only two or three players who will play on Sunday played last night. We know that we will face a good and determined team. We are ready, and the national team is enthusiastic.”

Baždarević added that the aim is to achieve a good result.

“The aim is to come back with a good result and I hope we will achieve it. Kolašinac had stomach flu and we separated him from the team so that other players would not get ill as well, but he worked hard with his club. We certainly have the same quality as Greece and with the right attitude towards the match a good result can be achieved,” said Baždarević.


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