BC Igokea : Sports miracle from Bosnian village Aleksandrovac

Basketball club Igokea from BiH village Aleksandrovac near Laktaši is a true sports miracle. Coming from a village of just around 1000 people, Igokea is currently the best team of ABA league and it has the chance to win the title of the best basketball team in former Yugoslavia leaving behind great teams such as :Red Star, Partizan, Cibona and Olimpija and thus protects the honour of BiH basketball.

President of the club Goran Dodik says that the success of Igokea is not an accident, but it is the result of hard work of team mates, desire for victory, and great devotion of sports man of Aleksandrovac.

Igokea still needs to play a series of matches in ABA league and time will show is this team capable of overcoming the pressure and win the title which will propel the team to the society of the best teams of Europe.

Regardless of everything, Igokea shows that with hard work, determination, professionalism, unity in the end pays off quite well, reports Anadolu Agency.

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