Beautiful Canyon of Drezanka River in Bosnia-Herzegovina


The strongest effect on a person is made by things that are not expected, a surprise and totally unexpected experience. One of those experience is the beauty of Dreznica and the beautiful canyon of Drezanka River, which will leave you breathless at any time of the year.

Dreznica is located in the canyon of Drezanka, between two beautiful mountains of Cabulja and Cvrsnica, and it represents a real holiday for the eyes. It is ideal for walks, adventurous sports and a photo safari.

Canyon of Drezanka is ideal for spending a weekend, enjoying beautiful nature, search for photos that no one ever made or just a walk in the silence. You need just a little bit of nice weather and kilometers under your feet will multiply because you will not be able to stop thinking that the nature in front of you is simply a miracle that you cannot miss.

Those who come for the first time, besides the unreal beauty of the river and its mountains, will be surprised by the size of this whole area. You might expect one or two villages, but you will see a large space that can be explored for days and it will not leave you indifferent.

Dreznica is one of those places that are unjustly missed by so many people, and it just lacks a few advertisements, because once you meet it, you will not be able to stop exploring.

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