B&H exports to Pakistan increased threefold in the previous year

exportPakistan and B&H are two distant countries; different in size and population, but at the same time two exceptionally friendly countries which can further facilitate the development of economic relations, that has been improved in the last two years.

“What I’m trying to present to them is that we are a country in progress with more than 5,000 USD of GDP per person, and it is on the path towards EU and NATO integration, but also the country that provides a lot of things to the investors in B&H,” explained Makarevic.

By that, Pakistani companies could open their own factories in B&H. There, after importing their semi-manufactured goods, they would finish the goods in B&H and then send it to the EU countries or the world.

“This would have double benefit – exports from Pakistan and opening of new work places here. That is what we are trying to realize in Pakistan,” explained Makarevic.

He also introduced the fact that B&H has increased exports to Pakistan as opposed to last year’s export. Thus, in 2013 exports amounted to 150,000 USD or more. In 2014 it increased to one million USD, while in 2015 it amounted to about 3.3 million USD.


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