BH Paralympian Kazazic: I will present BiH in the best Way possible

In the upcoming Paralympic Winter Games, which will take place in Pyeongchang from March 9 to 18, our country will have only one representative in Alpine skiing, Ilma Kazazic.

This 19-year-old girl from Sarajevo is traveling to South Korea with a fulfilled Paralympic norm, and she will compete in disciplines of slalom and giant slalom in the invalidity category LV3.

According to this BH Paralympic, she went through very difficult and demanding process of preparation for this prestigious competition.

“I will give my maximum in order to achieve the best result possible and to win a decent placement for BiH. I did not feel the pressure on any major competitions as well as those of lower rank so far, and I managed to perform without any problems. I am hoping that it will be the same on this great competition and that I will represent my country in the best way possible,” stated Kazazic.

“Our goal was to go to the Paralympic Games with as many participants as possible, however, since the criteria was increased, only competitors with the fulfilled Paralympic norm were able to participate, which was only achieved by our Ilma Kazazic. I hope that we will manage to achieve good result in South Korea. Ilma showed her good form in the last races of the European Cup in the Netherlands and Austria, and we expect the placement among top 10,” said her couch Leon Svetlin.

A total of 550 athletes from 42 countries will take part on this competition. The Paralympic Team of BiH will travel to South Korea on March 6.




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