BH Telecom claims it is Technologically ready to launch 5G Network

BH Telecom, with its partners Huawei, Ericson and Samsung presented the 5G network capabilities at the festival square to show visitors opportunities and applications of new technologies.

Sedin Kahriman, acting General Manager of BH Telecom, stressed that by obtaining a license for 4G network, the company started implementing 4G plus project and that they are currently completing the implementation of that advanced 4G technology project.

Adnan Huremović, acting Executive Director of Technology and Service Development at BH Telecom, said that BH Telecom in the past six months has invested in infrastructure that enabled the introduction of advanced technologies, including 5G network.

As it was pointed out during yesterday’s presentation, BH Telecom is technologically ready to launch 5G network, News Agency Fena reports.

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