B&H won the Title of European Champion in Sitting Volleyball for the 9th Time!

volleyballNational team of B&H in sitting volleyball won the title of European Champion for the 9th time.

In the final match in German Warendorf, our national team lead by Mirza Hrustemović defeated the local team with the score 3: 0 in sets (25-22, 25-19, 25-23) and thus confirmed that they are absolute sovereigns of the Old Continent.

Our golden boys demonstrated their power on the tournament by not losing a single set.

In fact, only the Germans managed to exceed 20 points in a set, which is a rarely seen result.

Hungary, Netherlands, Serbia, Poland and Ukraine, lost against our team, which beat every one of them with a maximum score of 3: 0.

The gold was won by Sabahudin Delalić, Dževad Hamzić, Asim Medić, Safet Alibašić, Beniz Kadrić, Ermin Jusufović, Muhamed Kapetanović, Nizam Čančar, Ismet Godinjak, Adnan Manko, Mirzet Duran and Adnan Kešmer.

This was the 19th medal at major competitions for our team.

Besides the 9 golden medals from European Championships and one bronze, our team has also three gold, a silver and bronze medal from the World Championships, as well as two gold and silver from the Paralympics.


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