BiH Companies Presented at Fair in Pristina

pristinaBiH companies in the textile, wood, electrical, food and printing industry will present at the international fair in Pristina this year for the eighth time, confirmed the Advisor at the Chamber of Commerce of the FBiH (PKFBiH) Šemsa Alimanović.

The PKFBiH on behalf of the Chamber system of BiH organizes the participation of BiH business people at the fair.

Alimanović said that so far the participation of our companies was very successful and that she hopes that it will happen again this year.

The international fair at Pristina 2013 will be held from 8-11 May, and is being organized by the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the government of Kosovo.

The fair is organized as a general fair in an area around 4.000 m2 and represents the most important economic event in Kosovo.

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