BiH Council of Ministers accepted Humanitarian Aid of the United Arab Emirates

At an extraordinary telephone session, the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina passed the Decision on accepting the humanitarian aid of the United Arab Emirates in foodstuffs.

Assistance will be received by the BiH Red Cross Society, on which the BiH Council of Ministers will make a special decision.

The aid consists of 2,280 food parcels for vulnerable groups in BiH during the month of Ramadan. These are two types of packages, namely 1,160 packages containing flour, sugar, macaroni, beans and 1,120 packages containing rice, oil, tuna, milk powder, salt, beans, lentils and tea, the Council of Ministers announced.

The assistance will be distributed according to previously agreed principles, 61.5 percent for the Federation of BiH, 37.5 percent for the Republika Srpska and one percent for the Brcko District of BiH.

The financial resources needed for the implementation of this decision will be provided from the current reserve of the Budget of BiH institutions and international obligations of BiH for 2021 in the amount of 4,000 BAM.

The Ministry of Security will submit a report on the realization of this assistance, which will be prepared by the BiH Red Cross Society, to the BiH Council of Ministers, it is stated in the announcement.

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