BiH flag at the Olympic park in Canada

In organisation of BIH cultural Centre from Vancouver and Directorate of Winter Olympic Park from Whistler, the host of the Winter Olympic Games 2010, BiH flag has been solemnly hoisted for the second time.

Last year, BiH Cultural Centre from Vancouver has organised cultural event ‘Days of BIH in Western Canada’ and the hoisting ceremony was a part of the event, and so the tradition has continued this year and proclamation of the Week of BiH at Olympic sites.

Manager of the Olympic Park Lindsay Duran said in his speech that this is a unique event, because no other country asked to hoist the flag of their home country at the Olympic sites.

In this way, citizens of BiH that live in this part of the World showed that the promotion of their country, culture, tradition and customs is successful, alive, and most importantly well received by native Canadians, reports FENA, calling on the report of BH Cultural Centre from Vancouver.

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