BiH gets a new short Cartoon “Klemzy and Friends”

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) gets a new domestic short cartoon called “Klemzy and Friends”. The project was done by Edin Hurem, Damir Basic and Elma Jukovic, who designed the characters, draw them and “gave them life”.

A cheerful and young team said that the cartoon has educational and entertaining character, with the aim of motivating children to learn a lesson from each episode, while watching fun characters. It is intended for children up to seven years.

“I am doing animation and cartoon films, so the idea came spontaneously. We talked about cartoons from our childhood and thought why I wouldn’t try to make some Bosnian cartoon. I called my longtime friend Damir who also does animation, introduced him the idea and he agreed. I draw the characters and it all started… We ‘animated’ a few funny and cute characters. Elma soon joined us, which contributed to the severity of the project, “ Hurem said.

The main character of the series is Klemzy, a cheerful boy with a scooter, and his two best friends – quiet and intelligent duck Sikly who is afraid of water, and fearless and playful monkey Tonda.

“In the first season, Luna and little alien Klea from the planet Damar appear. The first season has 12 short episodes, i.e. short stories that accompany the main heroes through various humorous situations,” said Hurem.

Although the creation of a cartoon film requires funds and large teams, this little team has overcome all the problems and invested effort, time and energy into the creation of the brand which will be recognizable by children.

“Cartoon is recorded in English and German language. Who knows, maybe some children, for example, in Brazil and France, will grow up with a BH cartoon, which would be great. We are currently preparing a great campaign and presentation of our project, “ said Hurem, Basic and Jukovic.

“Klemzy and Friends” was created for TV and the Internet, and also we created a YouTube channel with the same name, where the children will be able to follow new episodes.

“We are currently ending the audio for two episodes that will soon see the light of day. Klemzy is already present on the popular social networks, so the children can easily get to it,” the creators stated.

They are currently working on finding the sponsorship, and recently they had a meeting with Jes Bailey, the founder of one of the largest crowfounding organizations in the United Kingdom. She is an expert who helped organizations and startups in collecting money and creating campaigns, marketing and community building. So far, she has created campaigns for more than 50 organizations, collecting almost 3.5 million BAM.



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