BiH made a Progress in FIFA Ranking List?

dragonsFootball national team of BiH occupies the 27th place in a new ranking of the FIFA with 825 points.
Compared to the previous list, BiH has advanced for one position.

Argentina remained at the top of the list, and on the second position is Brazil, while the national team of Germany dropped to third place compared to the previous ranking.

When it comes to the opponents of BiH selection in Group H for qualifiers for the World Cup in Russia 2018, the team of Belgium is ranked the best and it is in the fifth place.

Representation of Greece, which is a direct competitor of BiH for second place in the group, is on the 42nd position.

Representation of Cyprus is at 116th position, and Estonia is 122nd selection.

Gibraltar is on the bottom of the list at 205th place.

The first 10 teams in the FIFA rankings:


2. Brazil,

3. Germany,

4. Chile

5. Belgium

6. Colombia

7. France

8. Portugal

9. Uruguay,

10. Spain.


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