BiH’s Ministry of Trade restricted imports of Chicken from Turkey

At the request of the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, BiH’s Veterinary Office restricted imports of chicken meat and its products from Turkey to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The decision was made by Minister Mirko Sarovic to protect the domestic industry.

“The decision applies to those export facilities in Turkey that do not have a license for export to the European Union and aims to maintain the status of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country that can soon export its chicken meat products to the European Union,” Sarovic said.

Despite being able to satisfy domestic demand and being a significant exporter, Bosnia and Herzegovina imports thousands of tonnes of chicken meat and its products from neighboring countries and Turkey.

Domestic production of chicken meat and its products has been developing rapidly in recent years. In 2018 alone, more than 9,000 tonnes of meat and meat products were exported from BiH to the countries of the region, and in recent days the first contingents have also moved to the countries of the European Union.

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