Bijele Vode: Winter Tourist Season officially opened

Bijele Vode Prača klix.baThe winter tourist season is officially open in the Tourist complex “Bijele vode” in the Municipality of Pale, B&H. a large number of citizens gathered there yesterday, mostly young people who arrived to Bijele vode and ski center by buses specially organized for this occasion.

Sun and snow attracted a large number of citizens on the first day of weekend. There has never been more parked cars along the road which leads from the ski center to the complex with a restaurant and motel on Bijele vode. Since early morning hours, the ski trail has been occupied by skiers, and attendees of the ski school within the Universal school of sports arrived to Bijele vode a day earlier.

Thus, attendees of the ski school have also attended the opening of the winter tourist season organized by the Tourist Board of Bosna-Podrinje Canton Goražde, the Municipality of Pale in FB&H and the cantonal Ministry of Economy i.e. the Government of Bosna-Podrinje Canton Goražde, who was the sponsor of this event.

Edin Kunovac, Director of the Tourist Board, said that potentials such as Bijele vode, where there are excellent conditions for skiing, should be used a lot more. Namely, the ski trail has almost not been used for past several years. On the other side, precisely in this year the Pale Municipality in FB&H announces even greater engagement on the affirmation of winter tourism.


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