Bishop Komarica attended the Noon Prayer in Ferhadija Mosque

The official opening ceremony of the Ferhadija Mosque in Banja Luka was attended by representatives of religious communities in BiH, and among them was the Bishop of Banja Luka, Franjo Komarica.

Komarica also addressed the audience and thanked the Lord for allowing him to welcome this historic day and share the joy of opening the Ferhadija Mosque with his fellow citizens.

On the 7th of May 1993, when Catholic church was destroyed in the second part of Banja Luka, I expressed my deep condolences to then Mufti of Banja Luka. I wrote: While we leave the punishment for crimes to this earthly judgment, I please God the Merciful to save us in order not to become slaves of these devilish intentions. I firmly believe that the same God created us all and that we are obliged to do good to each other, and not the evil. It is the responsibility of everyone, especially those who believe in God. As a believer, I pray to God that my blessing accompanies all faithful Muslims who will worship Him in this house of worship,” said the Bishop.

Ferhadija, thanks to Ferhad Pasha, was built in 1579 in classical Ottoman style. According to Alija Bejtic, famous architect and one of the most prominent experts on the monumental wealth BiH, interior dimensions of Ferhadija are 12.10 meters to 12.60 meters, and the height from the floor to the highest point of the central dome is 17.5 meters. On the right side of the mosque is placed minaret which is about 41.5 meters high and it is among the highest ones in BiH.

It was declared as a historical monument of BH in 1950, after which it was included on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Ferhadija was one of the 16 destroyed mosques in Banja Luka during the war in BiH from 1992 to 1995. It was demolished on the 7th of May 1993, after it was originally shelled, and then mined. The remains of the mosque were taken to the city landfill, and part of them were cast into the lake Karanovac. The day of demolition of the Ferhadija Mosque, the 7th of May, was declared as the Day of mosques in BiH.


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