At the Border Crossing Doljani at the exit from B&H 3 Hours of Waiting

doljaniIn most parts of B&H the traffic is normal with favourable weather conditions.

The only exceptions are the parts where there are reparation works and the regime of the traffic is changed.

At the border crossing Doljani at the exit from B&H the waiting is up to three hours and at the entrance to B&H around an hour and a half.

Other crossings to be used are: Bijača, Crveni Grm, Gorica, Orahovlje or Čepikuće. At the border crossing Bosanska Gradiška at the exit from B&H the waiting is around half an hour.

At other border crossings the traffic is increased from time to time, and the waiting is around 20 minutes. – was announced at BIHAMK.

(Source: Fena)


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