Bosnalijek and Abdi Ibrahim Signed A Strategic Business Agreement

Executives from leading pharmaceutical companies in BiH and Turkey, Nedžad Polić on behalf of Bosnalijek d.d. and Candan Karabagli on behalf of Turkey signed today in Sarajevo the first four licensing agreements for cooperation on the expansion of product portfolios and joint appearance for strong export markets.

Strategic business agreements involve the sale of Abdi Ibrahim products under the Bosnalijek brand in BiH and foreign markets. These four new products are being used successfully in the treatment of hypertension, dementia and cholesterol.

‘’For the first time in its history, Bosnalijek is signing licensing agreements that involve enrichment of our production structure oriented towards export markets. Until now, Bosnalijek has worked with the top global companies, but this is the first time that cooperation is realized in its export markets’’, said Polić.

For Abdi Ibhrahim, the signing of a strategic agreement with Bosnalijek, according to Karabagli, represents a milestone in their business and entry to markets in the Balkans, and also the first step in future cooperation.

‘’We hope that this agreement, which we believe represents a very important milestone for both companies, will also be beneficial for the development of business relations between the two countries’’, added Karabagli.

The next step is to establish a strategic partnership Ukraine and Russia, two countries that have very strong pharmaceutical markets. A common approach in this area of cooperation represents unity in strength in product portfolios and marketing, and the distribution of products.

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