“Bosnia and Herzegovina is not just a land of casualties but a land of creative people”

Bosnian artist Šejla Holland left Sarajevo in 1994 to pursue a carrier in the United States. Although, she still lives there, she is greatly attached to her homeland, and always tries to help and support the people from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She insists on portraying Bosnian people as creative, interested in art, talented and persistent in their goals.

On the occasion of 20th anniversary of the Independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Holland and few of her fellow artists prepared and held an art exhibition.

” I did not want to make an exhibition that would present the war and destruction. People already know everything about that. I wanted to present our creative spirit through art”- said Holland.

Holland’s exhibition, entitled ” Bosnian Born” joined 27 artists and will showcase their photographs, paintings and designer clothes. The exhibition will be opened from the 15th of January, and all exhibited art works are for sale. All collected funds will be given to the ”Bosana” Foundation which supports children without parental care in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The exhibition will be held in Washington, St. Louis and Burlington.


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