Bosnia National Futsal Team to play Friendly Match with France


The junior futsal national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina gathered yesterday at the Hills Hotel in Ilidža, where they have already done two training sessions before the friendly duel with the national team of France.

Head coach Ivo Krezo did not come to the gathering, because he will have to spend a certain period in self-isolation after a positive case of the coronavirus in his family.

His assistants Nijaz Mulahmetović, Mirko Čampara and goalkeeper coach Antonio Vidović are working with the national team at this gathering.

Mulahemtović says about this gathering:

“We gathered a new generation of juniors with the goal of getting to know each other better. It’s a little awkward, because we’re playing against a strong opponent right away. It would have been better, if we had managed to make a selective gathering earlier and to draw candidates for this team from a wider base. However, the situation is as it is and we will try to resolve it in the progress. We did two training sessions and it can be seen that the guys are eager to prove themselves. We will try to prepare them as well as possible for the matches. This is made more difficult by the fact that the junior league has not started yet, and since most of the players train in the clubs’ U-19 teams, they miss the matches. A couple of them joined the first teams, but without more playing minutes. So, these matches will serve them to gain new experience and show their knowledge.”

Matches with France are scheduled for 27th and 28th October at 17:30 h in the Sports Hall of the Hills Hotel. You can watch both matches live on the FF BH official YouTube channel.


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