In the first Half of 2015: the Sarajevo “Energoinvest” increased the Profit

Energoinvest Profit avaz.baIn the first half of 2015, Energoinvest JSC Sarajevo realized a net profit in the amount of 1.68 million BAM, which is an improvement in comparison to the same period last year, when the profit amounted to 96.000 BAM.

According to the financial report of the company published on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange, the business revenues of the company increased by less than a quarter, from 106.84 million BAM to 132.88 million BAM.

Also, the company recorded a loss on the basis of other revenues and expenditures in the amount of 3.49 million BAM, compared to the same period in 2014 when the loss on this basis amounted to 446.000 BAM.


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