List of Diseases for which Free Treatment is available for citizens of FB&H in Turkey

memorial hospitalHealth Insurance Institute of FB&H has the possibility to transfer the individual patients for further treatment abroad almost for free.

This is according to the agreement between Memorial Healthcare Group from Istanbul and the Institute for Health Insurance and Reinsurance of the FB&H for relocation of patients abroad.

Emina Frljak Seh, manager of Memorial Healthcare Group (MHG) for B&H set a notification with the all necessary information on diseases for which treatment is possible, as well as all the contact telephones.

The following is the original text issued by the Memorial Healthcare Group (MHG).

We are here to inform you that the treatment of patients in our hospitals in Istanbul is enabled due to the the agreement between Memorial Health Group in Istanbul and Institute for Health Insurance and Reinsurance of the FB&H (FUND), for the following diseases:

  1. Stenting, coiling and embolization of blood vessels (the treatment of aneurysms on the brain)
  2. Coronary angiography
  3. Stenting of blood vessels
  4. Eye tumors
  5. Organ transplantation
  • Liver transplantation (from a living donor)
  • Kidney transplantation (from a living donor)
  • Bone marrow transplantation (for patients older than 16 years)
  1. Electrophysiological tests
  2. RF Ablation

For any questions feel free to contact us on phones:

Tel.: + 38733 260 050

Cell phone: + 38761 283 334 and

+38761 301 061

Or on our address:

Branilaca Sarajeva 16/1


(Source: akos.ba)

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