Take a look at the first Student Dormitory for Women “Dorrah”

hotel3Tuzla is soon to get the first hotel for students in B&H. With an investment of 6 million BAM, it is exclusively intended for female students. The investor is Sarajevo Company “Senabil,” while the contractor is Tehnograd-Company.

Student hotel is unique because it is designed exclusively for female students and categorization was made for educational reasons.

“Student Dormitory/hotel will contain a total of 58 double rooms, two triple rooms and one deluxe bedroom. Besides comfortable beds for peaceful sleep, each room will also include: a private bathroom with shower, individual work space, TV, kettle, oven, heating and air condition. In addition to the above, dormitory will also possess its own restaurant, library, IT room, classrooms, cafe, fitness room, hair salon, and the most advanced system of protection.”

Official opening of the hotel is planned for early September.

“We already have applications, and we are satisfied with the response. The most important is that parents and our students realized the importance of the project and our objective, which is to improve the student life of our students. We all know that the city of Tuzla is in shortage of student accommodation. That’s why our hotel represents a very important project for both the city of Tuzla and B&H as it will provide adequate accommodation for female students and create new job places, ” said Emina Mumbašić, the Technical Manager.

hotel2It is important to mention that besides adequate accommodation and services, the students will have maximum support of our staff who will take care of their birthdays, exams etc. During the exam period, our restaurant will serve up coffee or tea late at night in order for our students to feel like at home and better prepare their exams. Quality service, security and support will certainly be synonymous for our student hotel Dorrah.”

Applications are taking place and all students who enroll in the student hotel “Dorrah” this year will achieve 15% discount.


(Source: novi.ba)

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