New Law – New rules: What Documents are required when changing the Place of Residence

lkThe new Law on Permanent and Temporary Residence for citizens of B&H was brought into force on the 29th of July and brought several important changes for B&H citizens when applying for their residence. After the amendments to the Law on Permanent and Temporary Residence of citizens of B&H were adopted in the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H and published in the Official Gazette of B&H, the application of the new provisions was officially launched on the 29th of July.

For the law enforcement, as until now, the jurisdiction will have Ministries of the Interior (the Ministry of Interior of RS and cantonal Ministries of Interior in FB&H).

Sanja Petrović, director of the Administration and Support Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Canton of Sarajevo, said that their officials are just “getting in the gear” with the new provisions that were brought into force.

“So far we haven’t noticed any major issues. Article 8. has been changed and it re-defined which documents a person is obliged to present while trying to register their residence,” said Sanja Petrović.

The thing that interests citizens the most, are most certainly the changes regarding the application of residence, or which documents are B&H citizens obliged to obtain.

According to the former provisions, it was enough for person to state the address, without having to submit any documents.

According to the new provisions, the person who is reporting residence should obtain one of the following evidence for valid grounds of residence at a specific address:

  1. Evidence of the ownership or joint ownership or possession of the apartment, house or other residential building;
  2. Certified contract on lease or a certified contract of sub-tenancy with certified proof of ownership or co-ownership or possession of the landlord;
  3. Confirmation that the dispute about the property was started before the competent authority, or that the proceedings of booking or legalization of the building, an apartment or a house has been initiated at the address where the residence was reported.

As a valid evidence will be considered a certified statement from the landlord showing that the landlord meets the requirements prescribed under the Sections 1, 2 and 3 and giving consent to a particular person to be registered at his address of residence.


(Source: klix.ba/ photo buka)

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