Bosniak Caucus vetoed the Conclusions of the RS Assembly

Bosniak Caucus Veto oslobodjenje.baThe Bosniak Caucus in the Council of Peoples of Republika Srpska reached yesterday the decision on launching the procedure of protection of vital national interest of Bosniak people on the conclusions of the RS National Assembly from December 10, “on illegal and unconstitutional conduct” of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) during the action at the territory of Novi Grad/Bosanski Novi.

Judicial institutions and law enforcement bodies on state level have jurisdiction to act in full capacity at the territory of the entire B&H. That jurisdiction must not be challenged, and entities have a constitutional obligation to act in accordance with decisions of institutions of B&H,” highlighted the Head of Bosniak Caucus Mujo Hadžiomerović.

The Bosniak Caucus finds it inacceptable that oral information by the Minister of Internal Affairs of RS Dragan Lukač, which he delivered at the session of the RS National Assembly on December 10, regarding the action in Novi Grad/Bosanski Novi “brings the Government and the parliament in a situation where they act in such weird and impassioned manner, full of emotions, and not based on well-studied laws and constitutions”.

As Hadžiomerović pointed out, the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H and SIPA are institutions which are constitutionally in charge of revealing and processing the most serious forms of organized crime, war crime and terrorism.

If you ban the access for these institutions on half of the territory of B&H, B&H and its citizens will certainly feel the consequences on their safety, the Bosniaks in RS will be under pressure and we rightfully feel threatened in the fullest sense of that word,” Hadžiomerović stated.

According to the conclusions voted for by 43 national delegates, the National Assembly confirms that the action of SIPA in Novi Grad, regarding the unannounced raid of police station and municipality facilities “strongly violated the Constitution of Republika Srpska and the Constitution of B&H as well as the laws of RS, and unnecessarily threatened the integrity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RS and disturbed the citizens and the public in general”.

(Source: klix.ba)

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