Bosnian Merima Basic is the best Student at the Royal College in Sandhurst

At the Royal College in Sandhurst, a ceremonial parade marked the end of the schooling of a new class of British army officers. 

Together with them, a number of international students completed their education, and among them was Merima Basic. This Bosnian woman received the award for the best foreign student.

Due to her work, commitment and achieved results, she received the award for the best international student, as well as the right to address at the graduation ceremony, on behalf of international students.

According to the Ministry of Defense of BiH, Basic is an example of how much can be achieved with hard work and commitment, with a high degree of motivation.

"After finishing her education at the mentioned college, she acquired all the conditions for changing the category, so that she will soon be promoted to the rank of lieutenant," the Ministry states.

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