Bruce Lee’s Daughter thanked Bosnians for portraying Her Father as a Symbol of Combat against Coronavirus


An Instagram page dedicated to kung fu fighter Bruce Lee posted a photo of his Mostar statue with a protective mask and gloves, saying the legend thus became a symbol of combat again, this time against coronaviruses.

A few days ago, pink gloves and a green face mask were placed in the central Mostar park of Zrinjevac on a bronze statue of Bruce Lee.

The daughter of kung fu legend Shannon Lee recalled his words on Instagram.

“A good martial artist does not become tense, but ready!” as this Bruce Lee statue is pictured here dressed in the appropriate battle gear for COVID-19. I am humbled by the people of BiH who first installed this statue of my father as a symbol of ethnic unity and now have made it a role model of protection against coronavirus, saying, “He (Bruce Lee) was the embodiment of fairness, fight for the justice, protection of the weak and the loyalty to a friend and a teacher.” Nino Raspudic, one of the Urban movement leaders, explained that the idea was to offer a better role model for the community. Now if only the nunchucks worked in the fight against COVID!! Thank you, Nino and the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina! Stay safe out there, everyone! “ Lee wrote.

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