Budget of BiH for 2015 agreed!

budget of BiHCouncil of Minister of BiH, determined yesterday the Draft Law on the Budget of institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and international duties for 2015 with suggestions at the session. Ministry of Finance and Treasury will submit the Draft budget to the BiH Presidency, that is in charge for drafting this law, as announced from the Council of Ministers.

According to the Draft law, budget amounts to 1.563.580.625 BAM, out of which total revenue for financing of institutions and incomes are at the level of 2014 and amounts to 950 million BAM, and revenues for external debt amount to 613.580.625 and are decreased by 232.812.343 BAM compared to the budget of the last year.

In the structure of revenues, engagement from the Unique account dominates in the same amount as in 2014, 750 million BAM.

By the projected budget, total public spending is reduced to the level that is enabled by real revenues without delayed reforms. Priorities are the construction of state functions related to fulfilling conditions for BiH’ s progress towards the EU and strengthening of judicial, police and security agencies at the level of BiH in the fight against terrorism and organized crime. Additional 750.000 BAM are planned for the Prosecution of BiH for establishing the Department for fight against terrorism.

(Source: ekapija.ba)

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